You are currently viewing Women In Tech: The Equality Lounge At CES 2020 Hosts Bella Twins Of WWE

Women In Tech: The Equality Lounge At CES 2020 Hosts Bella Twins Of WWE

The first Equality Lounge, initiated in 2012, was a product of Shelley Zalis asking her friends to walk the floor of the Customer Electronics Show (CES) with her so she will not feel alone.


This decision became the movement that is a highlight of all CES events since. Thus, it marked the largest female tech-led movement anywhere in the world. When Shelley initiated the walk, it was because the men at the event far outnumbered the number of women.


In the recent CES 2020, the Girls Gone Walk was supported by Verizon Media. It involved 200 women-led by Shelley and they got to check out all the new tech on display in the women-only pack.


She tweeted that it is one of the major events of all her attendance at the popular electronics show.


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The Female Quotient hosts the Equality Lounge and it also came up at the Las Vegas event in 2020. Their aim is to empower women as they claim on their website:


“We bring leaders together to activate change through pop-up experiences at conferences, custom events, and college campuses.


Powered by collaboration, the destination-turned-movement has become the largest global community of women in business working together to transform workplace culture. There is power in the pack!”


This organisation also adds that up till date, it has hosted:


“250 Equality Lounges Globally and created a global community of over 35,000 Women In Business.”


Also, the Bella Twins, who are WWE superstars appeared on the talk show at the CES 2020 Equality Lounge. Brie Bella and Nikki Bella talked with Laura Molen, President of NBCU about building and succeeding with brands made by women.


Women tech Equality lounge CES 2020
Bella Twins (center) with Shelley Zalis and other participants at the Equality Louge, CES 2020. Photo: Twitter.


Many other topics were also discussed with other participants. These include next-generation journalism in a tech-driven world, habits and mindsets for women to succeed and how AR and VR drive equality IRL.


Women are reacting positively to these women-driven events from all over the world.


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