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#WOLLIV: How To Stream Today’s EPL Game On Your Smartphone Or PC

Wolverhampton Wanderers V Liverpool (21:00) #WOLLIV is the game to watch this evening in the English Premier League (EPL)


Both teams will be looking to make their season meaningful as we approach the final run of games in the Premier League. Liverpool hasn’t had the best of seasons so far, especially if you put into account their recent successes and qualification for the UEFA Champions League at this point will be seen as a huge success while Wolves will also be looking at a top ten finish.


This is a game for the neutrals and could be relaxing without the added pressure of wanting your team to win. For Liverpool fans, it’s another game hoping that the team performs. If you’re unable to get in front of a TV in time for the matches, you’ll need to find an alternative and that’s where your phone or PC comes in handy.


So what if it’s too dark and you cannot go out to watch the matches or for some reason, you are not near a TV? These methods will help you catch the matches with minimal fuss.


All you need is an internet connection, sufficient charge on your smartphone and you are ready. The match starts at 21:00 in Nigeria and 16:00 in the US.


How to watch today’s EPL match on your smartphone:

1. Use VPN to change your IP Address


Download and install a free VPN on your phone or computer. While there are paid ones, you can get free ones that work well as well. Next, connect to a VPN server in the country that airs the EPL match for citizens. You can use this to watch English Premier League matches on online streams available for only people in the location.


This option may seem a little technical, but there are easier ones.


2. Watch Wolves v Leeds live on Twitter:


This option is very easy to access. Just follow Twitter handles like, @FBSkill @Top5vid, @BRGoals or @goalstv3, and just minutes before the Europa League fixtures kick-off, you will see the link posted on the handles’ timeline.


While this Live stream may be limited by the broadcaster’s network, it works in many locations around the world. You also get new links once an old one encounters issues.

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3. Go to

Using this website provides links to watch live matches. It is also accessible almost everywhere. About minutes before the match kicks off, the broadcaster posts a link to follow it live from your devices.


4. Go to Reddit’s soccer page

Access the link above and watch live EPL fixtures from your smartphone. While some are restricted, some are easily accessible. If you need to access a link that is restricted in your area, you can use a VPN to overcome this obstacle.


5. Watch on

This website allows visitors to watch many TV stations for free. You can watch Sky Network, BT Sports, Sony Network, Star Network, Fox Network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV, and so on. Some of these stations usually air English Premier League fixtures.


6. Watch via

This site displays a list of the matches from streams found around the internet, so all you need to do is click on a match you want to watch and keep watching.


You can follow the game and conversations around the game with the hashtag #WOLLIV



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