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With Bosch VitaFresh, You No Longer Need To Throw Food And Vegetables Out

With Bosch VitaFresh, You No Longer Need To Throw Food And Vegetables Out

To help customers keep their food fresh and prevent unnecessary waste, Bosch has designed fridge freezers with a VitaFresh system. The new fridges will keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer time than ordinary fridges.


According to the company, VitaFresh fridges have one zone with a low temperature setting of 0°C. This is purpose-built to keep fish and meat and will prevent odours and bacteria from leaving the container. Then, there is the ‘big drawer’ that holds fruit and vegetables.


This drawer comes with a special sealing that maintains optimum humidity and prevent moisture loss. In addition, customers can opt to adjust the settings to fit their preferred requirements.

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This is not all. Bosch VitaFresh fridges comes with two cameras inside it. They can take pictures of the food inside the fried when the door is closed. Then, with its HomeConnect app, it can send the clear, high-resolution pictures to you wherever you are. It can also recognise and add food to your app’s inventory along with a recommended expiry date.


This will help customers who are not at home to know which food they need to restock and which one they already have. The Bosch VitaFresh fridges offer flexibility in terms of volume. Besides coming with separate drawers for different kinds of food, the drawers can be removed.


They come in three sizes, Serie 8, 6 and 4 and all have large LCD or LED displays. Fridges are getting smarter and it is time for homeowners to start making the right choice on smart fridges as well. To find a Bosch VitaFresh fridge around you, tap on this link.


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