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Windows Tips And Shortcuts To Get Your Productivity Up This November

In this article, you will see key Windows tips and shortcuts that will help you improve your productivity during the month of November.


Mouse middle clicking: While working on an app on your PC, you can open a new widow of that app by using your mouse to middle-click its icon in the taskbar. This works only for apps that supports opening multiple instances (which is most Windows apps).


You can also achieve this by holding Shift and clicking its icon in the taskbar. Mouse middle clicking also helps to quickly remove notifications on your screen in Windows 10.


Settings shortcut: To quickly access the settings tab when you need it, tap the Windows Key+I. Also, there is a search bar in the settings page that allows you find anything you want to fix or adjust.


Reorder list items: (This works on all Office apps) If you have created a list of items and you want to reorder them, simply place your cursor next to the item and press Shift+Alt+Up/Down. This totally beats deleting, copying and pasting.

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Multiple monitor use: When using multiple monitors, you can use the Windows Key+Tab key to see which apps are open on each monitor. Even on one monitor, you can still use the command to see all apps running on your PC.


Emoji 😍: To use the emoji panel on Windows, tap on Windows Key+. (period) and select which emoji you want to use.


Quick launch taskbar apps: To quickly launch any of the apps on your taskbar, tap on the Windows Key+ # (the number position of the app on the taskbar).


Lock your PC instantly: If you are taking a break from working on your PC or you need to join a meeting physically, just use Windows Key+L to lock your computer.


Connect shortcut: To quickly access your connection settings page, tap on Windows Key+K, this will likely save you the stress of having to access the settings through several layers and pages.


November means that the year is just one month away from ending, you will need to optimise your productivity this month.


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