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Windows 11 To Allow Android Compatibility On The Microsoft Store

Microsoft has in the works a massive update to its PC operating system, dubbed “Windows 11” hopefully. This update will most likely be announced at its June 24 event, and there are rumors the new OS will support a native Android emulator for windows as reported by MSpoweruser.

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How does Microsft aim to achieve this? To natively run Android through the windows subsystem for Linux. A recent specific entry in the changelog for the latest windows Subsystem for Linux release surfaced.



The changelog has two precise mentions of Android, one emphasizes “fix android emulator window is not movable when no frame” and another that shows “fix android emulator window doesn’t move and crash at minimize”

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These changelogs could just be the bugs developers could face when working on their apps said Digitial trends.  However, it’s still exciting news and we can only imagine the possibilities for compatibility.

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Microsoft probably will use emulation in the Windows Subsystem for Linux as an entry for native Android apps to the Microsft store and its next Windows update.

A rumor was in the air towards the end of 2020, that Microsoft was working with developers to bring Native Android apps to the Windows platform. A project code-named as “Latte”.

Regardless of the outcome of this new feature, it is still possible to run Andriod apps on Windows through third-party programs or through the Your Phone app and link to Windows.

The possibility, of having Andriod apps featured in the Windows Store opens up so many economic opportunities for app developers and increases their visibility.

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