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Windows 11 Is Removing The Legacy Internet Explorer After So Long

Microsoft will be erasing its legacy internet explorer in windows 11, this is the first version of Windows without the browser for more than 20 years.


Internet Explorer History
Internet Explorer History


The old-time browser will be laid to rest in 2022, and also from Windows 11 entirely after users update to the newest operating system. At a time, you could have an internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, and a legacy version of Microsoft Edge on your laptop. It was a mess of Microsoft web browsers, which the company failed to manage.


At the virtual Windows 11 event, Microsoft revealed that Internet Explorer will be “disabled” in Windows 11. This is quicker than the scheduled June 15th, 2022 final exit.

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The Verge reported that a Microsoft spokesperson explained that “The MSHTML engine exists as a part of the windows 11”. Also known as “Trident”, the MSHTML engine is a proprietary browser engine software.

Internet Explorer logo History
Internet Explorer History


Microsoft first released its first web browser known as “Internet Explorer 1.0” in August 1995 in two versions. One of the most popular web browsers ever used. There have been 11 versions since its inception till 2013.


The Redmond company also made Internet Explorer 2.0 available for Apple’s Macintosh and has been supporting the Mac Os version since its launch.


Farewell to Microsoft's Internet Explorer
Farewell to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer


This is the first time the Xbox-owned company hasn’t bundled Internet Explorer with a new version of Windows in like 20 years now.

Microsoft Edge Windows 11 Default Browser
Microsoft Edge Windows 11 Default Browser


This change cements Microsoft Edge as the default browser for Windows 11 and its newer versions to come. The company can now focus all of its attention on its proprietary website, positioning it against the top guns like Chrome.



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