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Will Driverless Cars Work in Nigeria?

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Apple had earlier given us a hint into their driverless cars that may be coming soon tagged, Project Titan.

Tesla’s new cars are also going to be hitting the market soon, according to Elon Musk. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Google, and Audi are also a few more companies with systems ready to deploy.

Tests, lasting for 18 to 36 months, have also been carried out to analyze the legal and insurance implications of driverless cars.

From a reduction in the number of accidents to improving emissions compliance and easing congestion, driverless cars are getting positive nods from the Western world already.

But when this new technology inevitably goes global and becomes a commodity to possess, will Nigeria be ready?

These cars will be made to comply strictly with road signs, obey traffic laws and not randomly change lanes to avoid traffic. It has video cameras to detect traffic lights, read road signs and keep track of other vehicles.\

Imagine this car in Lagos-Ibadan expressway traffic.

If you have ever plied that route then you would understand that the car will be bashed senseless and the occupants will either need to take control of the car or get involved in the ghastliest accidents.

A self-driving car tested by Tech Plus spotted in Lagos traffic. 

Imagine a car that pretty much works with radar sensors dotted around the car to monitor the position of vehicles nearby; while also looking out for pedestrians and other obstacles; sensors that help to detect the edges of roads and identify lane markings.

It sounds like a civilized car, right?

Only, we all know that our roads are almost unusable. The massive potholes in some parts of Lagos will be too much for the technology to cope with.

The icing on the cake is the internet connection which will drive it.

A lot of these companies are working on using 5G technology to increase the efficiency of these cars. The cars will use a central computer that analyses all the data from the various sensors to manipulate the steering, acceleration, and braking. It would take a very strong, stable and reliable internet service to run these cars.

Sadly, we do not have this yet in the country.

On the flip side, these cars will be a new attraction. Just like elevators at the mall, people will go to the few places you can test-drive them to take photos and be happy.

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