Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Smartphone And PC Update Notifications

Why You Should Stop Ignoring Your Smartphone And PC Update Notifications

Notifications can be annoying and distracting, but when it is about your smartphone or PC update, stop ignoring them. Why is it important to update your devices as soon as new updates arrive?


It is curious that while the average person does not care about what version of the operating system (OS) their devices are using, the developers themselves keeping rolling out updates.


The answer is simple: there are things going on beneath the surface that you may not know but OS developers are aware of. See brief reasons why you should not ignore update notifications on your smartphone and PC.

Smartphone Updates

Likely, your smartphone runs on one of the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, webOS, Tizen, BlackBerry OS or KaiOS.


ignore PC updates smartphones KaiOS iOS webOS Android collage
KaiOS, iOS, webOS and Android smartphone operating system collage.


All these operating systems have developers who keep working on improving their performances. Thus, they roll out updates for the following reasons:


— To improve smartphone performance.

— Security patches to fix vulnerabilities.

— New security and privacy enhancements.

— Further restrictions on third-party apps restrictions.

— Improvement of some hardware parts such as camera and battery.

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While there may be more reasons for rolling out smartphone OS updates, those above are the major reasons.

PC Updates

While Windows OS runs on virtually almost all the PCs in the world right now, it is not the only software provider. There are people using Linux, macOS, Unix, Android and Chrome OS.


ignore PC updates smartphones
Chrome OS, Windows, Linus and macOS operating systems collage.


People prefer different kinds of operating systems on their PCs for many reasons. Most times, it has to do with the tasks that they want to accomplish with it.


However, just like smartphone OS developers, PC OS creators also roll out regular updates. It is much more important that you regularly update your PC when notifications. This is because, while you use your smartphone more often, important jobs are done on your PC.


Here some reasons why you should not ignore PC updates notifications:


— They fix security vulnerabilities that have just been discovered.

— Most updates come with new malware blockers.

— Sometimes, it comes with replacements for outdated features.

— Improve hardware components like battery life.


Software updates are integral parts of your smartphone and PC, so, you should not ignore them. There is a reason why they are persistent and regular; it is because they are important.


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