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Why You Should Never Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

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There’s nothing wrong in taking that early morning coffee fix. Actually, there are lots of benefits of taking a daily java fix, one of which is ‘minimising the risk of dementia’. Most people even prioritise this before food, but this can be detrimental to your health. There’s a lot wrong when you indulge in your favourite brew on an empty stomach.


That piping hot cup of coffee could do more harm than good when taken wrongly. Even decaffeinated brews have the same effect, so read on to find how why you need to stop.


Why you should never drink coffee on an empty stomach

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Taking coffee on an empty stomach can quickly stimulate your stomach’s acid production. This takes a serious toll on your digestive system and could damage your stomach’s lining, thereby cause indigestion and heartburn.


Also, you could undergo major withdrawal symptoms. These are similar to anxiety symptoms, which (if you have one) you could escalate. Therefore, avoid taking coffee entirely. Even without anxiety, taking coffee on an empty stomach causes jitters, shakes and mood swings. In addition, it can boost your heart rate, irritability and inability to focus.


Taking coffee wrongly can also sabotage your natural circadian rhythm and make you feel less awake. This is very ironic as you take coffee for the sole purpose of keeping you alert. The truth is you need to simply take it at the best time. The body has an internal clock. It releases a hormone called cortisol when we wake up. This cortisol is responsible for how alert and energised you feel upon waking. Research has proven that consuming coffee has a boomerang effect of decreasing your cortisol levels. Ironically, you actually feel sleepier if you have your coffee first thing when you wake up.


effects of coffee on an empty stomach


You should have coffee about 3-4 hours after you wake up. The ideal time is between 9.30 to 11.30 AM and 1.30 to 5 PM. At this period, your body is low on cortisol and is ready for a pick-me-up.


Some people have survived most of their lives drinking coffee on an empty stomach. They are quick to say they’ve had no problem at all. However, people aren’t equal and, even if that habit works for them and maybe you, you still need to opt for a healthier lifestyle. Treat your body better by making the right choices. So, a hearty breakfast is all you need before you start your day with a coffee of your choice.

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