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Why You Itch After A Shower And Quick Fixes

Showers are one of the most relaxing activities to engage in. A shower is literally one of the things you long for and immediately take after a hot day out.


Its benefits are numerous; from scrubbing cleaning to refreshing water coursing down your skin, it’s one life smallest blessings. Not to mention all of the raunchy things that can happen with you and your partner in the shower; if you know, you know.


However, sometimes you don’t get to fully enjoy it. For example, some persons itch immediately after taking a bath. That’s such a bummer, yes? If this is some of your shower woes then fret not, they’re actually simple ways to remedy this.


First, let’s find out why you itch after taking a bath


Dry skin

According to dermatology experts, dry skin is one of the major causes of after-shower itching. This can be caused by a number of factors. Lack of moisture in the environment which includes too dry or too cold temperatures and taking too many baths can contribute to dry skin.

Too hot baths

If you’re among the group of people who take baths hot enough to skin a pen of chickens, chances are, that’s what is causing your skin to itch.

“When you finish your shower or bath, the water that is left on your skin evaporates, and as it does, it sucks moisture from your skin,” says Sandra Lee, MD. “This dryness is exacerbated by taking hot showers because heat causes more evaporation.”

Heavy use of body cleansers

Some persons are obsessed with body cleansers. If you belong to this gang then you may have found the reason why your skin itches.

“Heavy use of soaps and cleansers str*p the natural oils that moisturize our skin from our bodies,” Dr. Lee says. “This leads to more dryness, and dryness leads to itchiness, which can lead to redness and scaling.”

Underlying conditions

If your itching continues, it may be a sign of deeper skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis, or eczema.


Take short and cool baths

Switch your scalding hot water for cool water and take shorter baths is one of the simplest ways to combat after-shower itching.

Stay away from body cleansers

If you have narrowed down the cause of why your body itches after a bath to your cleanser then you may want to stay away for a while. When the situation has subsided, you can use cleansers again but go for the gentle and mild variations. Also, avoid colourful soaps with strong lathers and fragrances as they tend to dry out the skin. Instead, use soft soap with milk or butter bases.

Apply a moisturiser after a bath

Instead of heading straight to toweling dry after a bath, you should grab a tub of moisturiser and smear on your skin, Dr Lee advises. This would help lock in the moisture on the skin so it doesn’t itch. You can also reapply moisturiser during the day if you wish to.


However, watch out for harsh moisturisers and avoid them. Instead use moisturisers rich in jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

See a dermatologist

If the situation persists after changing temperatures, taking cooling baths and moisturising, then visit a dermatologist. They’ll help you figure out what’s causing the itching and prescribe something to give you relief.


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