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Why You Are Seeing Blacked-Out Images On Your Social Media Feeds Because Of #BlackOutTuesday

Social media users, who may have not been up-to-date with events, may be confused as to why their feeds are filled with blacked-out images. Especially, when they follow the #BlackOutTuesday hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Well, here is your explanation in this article.


Companies and individual creatives have all agreed to not post anything relating to their art or business today, Tuesday 2nd May 2020. This is in solidarity with the Black community and the protests surrounding the death of Floyd George. Many decided not to post anything at all on their social media pages all through the day. The logic behind this is so as to not distract from the important conversations surrounding the protests.


Meanwhile, others mentioned that they will use the time to listen to what Black people have to say. Tech companies like Microsoft have chosen to amplify the voices of their Black employees. The company had posted this on Twitter yesterday:


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Sony Music also announced that it will take part in the Tuesday movement. However, what can you do while the #BlackOutTuesday trend is still on? The lack of distracting social media posts allows everyone online to focus on the several #BlackLivesMatter posts. Listen to what people who have had firsthand racial abuse treatments have to say. Learn more about their experiences.


You can also further amplify the voices of #BlackLivesMatter by retweeting and reposting posts that make comments about it. The #BlackOutTuesday trend does not mean silence in the face of opposition; it is rather a way to ensure that the important voices have the audience they deserve.


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