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Why Using WhatsApp is Dangerous – Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO

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Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov has said Whatsapp is dangerous. In a scathing attack against the Facebook App, Durov’s alleges that the latter’s systems are not as secure as made out to be.


Publishing a blogpost he titles ‘Why using WhatsApp is dangerous’, Durov said:


“In their marketing, WhatsApp uses the words end-to-end encryption as some magic incantation that alone is supposed to automatically make all communications secure.


“However, this technology is not a silver bullet that can guarantee you absolute privacy by itself.” 


Whatsapp is dangerous
Pavel Durov, CEO of Messaging App Telegram
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In the post, Durov blasted WhatsApp once again for misleading its customers on using end-to-end encryption. Durov also emphasises that the issue has nothing to do with iOS but, WhatsApp.


“iOS devices have loads of privacy-related issues. But this was not one of them – for two reasons. First, WhatsApp’s corrupt video vulnerability was present not only on iOS but also on Android and even Windows Phone devices.


“Meaning, on all mobile devices with WhatsApp installed. Second, this security fault was not present in other messaging apps on iOS.”  

Durov claims Telegram is more secure than any other means of messaging

Durov reiterates that WhatsApp has secretly built backdoors in order to comply with the law enforcement agencies to avoid backlash or even getting a ban.


He posits:


“Enforcement agencies are not too happy with encryption, forcing app developers to secretly plant vulnerabilities in their apps. I know that because we’ve been approached.”


Durov then went a step further to praise his company. He claims that Telegram’s ‘Secret Chats’ is definitely more secure than any of its rivals.


“Don’t let yourself be fooled by the tech equivalent of circus magicians who’d like to focus your attention on one isolated aspect all while performing their tricks elsewhere. They want you to think about end-to-end encryption as the only thing you have to look at for privacy. The reality is much more complicated,” he wrote.


Telegram is far from being a dark horse as it already had about 200 million monthly active users in 2018. However, it is far from WhatsApp that had nearly 450 million daily users at the time.


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