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Why Twitter Was Temporarily Down On Friday 7th February 2020

On the night of Friday 7th February 2020, Twitter users were temporarily unable to publish new Tweets on the service. It did not take long to restore things back to normal, but many were left wondering what had happened.


Twitter is becoming the social hub that Facebook once was. With the stream of new entrants and increasing tweets per seconds, it is only natural that the service keeps getting fixes and tweaks.


The incidence on Friday night was likely one of these. Before complaints started to filter in, the official handle of the service had posted:


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Likely warning its consumers to expect some glitches. Then, to reassure users that it is not their network or their smartphones, it had tweeted via its support page:



After the issue had been sorted out, it announced that users can continue enjoying the service. It said:



While there is no definite answer as to what had happened, it had said whatever the earlier mentioned test was had worked in another tweet.


Since the beginning of 2020, Twitter has been bringing reforms and new policies that are touted to be in the user’s best interest. It had begun with implementing the one targeting people who misused hashtags and trends. Also, it started checkmating fake accounts and seeling and buying some accounts on the platform.


The most recent policy addition is one aimed at eliminating spreading falsehood by using the media manipulation tool called deepfake. Users will like to see the service improve its security as high profile account hacks seem to be the order of the day.


A group called OurMine had taken control of Facebook and Instagram’s Twitter account briefly earlier today.


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