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Why The Korean Skin Care Routine Is Best For You

You don’t have to be a K-drama or K-pop fan to see the wonders of Korean beauty. For those dedicated skin care fanatics, there’s a flawless finish to their beauty regime. The skin radiates a natural essence of proper skin work, and it can be traced back to their skincare routine. They tend to focus more on prevention rather than cure.


They achieve this using their many skin care routines to ensure that they keep their skin looking healthier and younger. It is reflected in how they eat, wash and treat their face. We know all the secrets; they never leave their house without wearing sunscreen, and never go to bed without cleansing.


Now, be warned! Koreans take their skin seriously. You’d hardly ever see one without a humidifier or a mist. Meanwhile, there are also those who don’t even bother but end up with whiteheads, blackheads or acne. Neglected skin or ill-treated skin reveals every neglect through these skin conditions.




So, you can’t get away with not doing what’s right for too long. Although it might be a long routine, you simply have to make it a daily ritual. Be consistent and it will soon become a habit. Also, you should note that there are homemade skin care treatments you can adopt if some prices discourage you to join the healthy skin league.


Korean skincare is the MOST talked about ‘subsection’ of skin care, and there’s a reason for that. From their array of fantastic products to their flawless faces and commitment, there’s no argument there. If you intend to get better skin for the rest of your life (Literally, that’s how it works), then check out the Korean skincare routine right here.


The secret of Korean skincare


One of the factors to why Korean skincare is so popular is attributed to their K-Dramas and K-Pop. These have been even more popular even in the West. Through their films and music, you see an array of products being used and how they tenderly care for their skin.


They even tend to it after they’ve been intoxicated on Soju. The love for everything Korean soon influenced the way people thought about their products. What’s even more thrilling is the fact that it works. Gio from BeautifulWithBrains explains the reason why:

“Korean skin care focuses on hydration, which is the key to flawless skin. Hydration plumps up your skin, making fine lines and wrinkles look temporarily smaller. It also gives skin that radiant, healthy glow, and makes your complexion look clearer and younger-looking.


Hydrated skin is also more permeable, and better able to absorb the active ingredients in skincare products. The key products in the skincare routine – toner, essence, serum, sheet mask, moisturiser, and sleeping mask – are all very hydrating and designed to be applied in thin layers, one after the other. Each layer infuses skin with more moisture, helping the following one better penetrate the skin, boosting the performance of every product you apply.”


Also, celebrities soon began endorsing K-Beauty products which gave them a level of trust. If you find your favourite celebrity as the face of a product, you tend to trust it and want to try it.


Smart move!



Another plus to the popularity of K-Beauty products is the fact that the industry has less stringent regulation. There’s more flexibility with the kind of ingredients they use in experimenting for new products. Also, they are more willing to try new ingredients and technologies. These all add to the result of great products and their amazing effect in the Korean skincare and beauty industry.

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