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Why Is PlayStation 5 Launching With Only A Limited Number Of Consoles?

After insider information revealed that Sony will be releasing only a few units of its coming PlayStation 5, many gaming enthusiasts have been questioning the motive.


What experts are guessing is that its cost of production is likely the reason for this. Leading to speculation that the merchandise will be expensive when it arrives.


For now, the electronic giants have not confirmed or denied the rumours about a limited number of units that will be released. So, there is no official statement on what the reason for the decision is.


However, the unnamed sources claim that by March 2021, Sony plans to have released between 4 to 5 million consoles. Which is between three to five months after its proposed launch date.


Many of the information we have about the PS5 is still sketchy. For example, Sony had only hinted that it will launch the game “in time for Holiday 2020”. This led to the conclusion that it will be sometime between October and December 2020.

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The number of units which is limited to a maximum of 5 million is small compared to previous PlayStation consoles. GSM Arena mentioned that PS4 — PS5’s predecessor — had sold around 7.5 million units within just six months of its launch.


Is Sony then speculating that PS5 will not sell as much as that in the same duration because of its price? We can only guess for now.


Since it was announced, we have only seen the design, specifications and controller for PlayStation 5. The console is yet to be unveiled. The most informed reports are that the console is undergoing some redesign to fix its thermal issues.


In terms of pricing, game developers are guessing that PS5 will cost about $500 to $550. For this pricing range, PlayStation 5 may still cost Sony too much to produce as its specifications claim that it will come with high-end components.


With a CPU powered by an octa-core Zen 2; a RDNA 2 GPU having a capacity of 10.3 TFLOPS; and a custom-made SSD that is super fast. Sony will have trouble balancing “reasonable pricing” against profit.


There have been revelations from inside the company that the coronavirus outbreak is not affecting the production speed.


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