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Why iPhone Users Will Pay More For Twitter Blue

Twitter is relaunching the Blue subscription and its new prices shows that iPhone and other iOS users would be paying more than others.

While the social media company has not come out to say so, the higher pricing could be because of the 30% commission it has to pay to Apple for using the in-app purchase tool for the subscription feature. Meanwhile, Android users can use the subscription that they purchased on web on their devices too.

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The new Twitter Blue will still come with verification check but will include a physical review process. Likely, to keep mischief makers in check after the Eli Lilly debacle and the mass trolling of Elon Musk.

In addition to the extra verification step, Twitter will finally get rid of the ‘Official’ tag that we have been seeing in favour of the check badge colour code. New businesses who are just getting the badge will have to wait for their special gold badge but businesses who already have a relationship with the platform will get their upgrade automatically.

The new Twitter Blue subscription page on web that lists the features included with a subscription. At the top it reads, “Blue subscribers with a verified phone number will get a blue checkmark once approved”. Under that it lists “Rocket to the top of replies, mentions and search”, “See half the ads”, and “Post longer videos”, each labeled as “coming soon”. The list ends with “Get early access” and explains Twitter Blue Labs gives access to select new features. Toward the bottom of the screen it reads, “Limited time offer: $8.00 USD/month” with the button to subscribe underneath.
Image Source: Twitter

Twitter Blue will also come with edit feature, ability to upload 1080p videos and access to reader mode. Their tweets will also receive VIP treatment like being pushed to the top of replies and they will see reduced ads in search and mentions.

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