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Why Does iPhone 12 Not Come With 120Hz Refresh Rate? – Tech Twitter Reacts

Leaks about Apple’s coming flagship iPhone 12 has raised dust on tech Twitter after they found out that it is coming with a 60Hz refresh rate. Not even 90Hz and definitely not 120Hz.


In a Tweet, tech enthusiast, Daniel said, “If a 2 trillion dollar company can’t do 120Hz, when a $200 POCO phone can, I’m speechless.” He is also not alone in expressing this thought, Benjamin Aboagye, another Tech enthusiast, Tweeted:



But, Andru Edwards did not think the others were getting where Apple is coming from. He explained that the company had some constraints in the matter of volume. “Imagine one company expecting to sell 100,000 phones and needing 100,000 parts. Easy. Another company expects to sell 2 million and needs 2 million parts but a supplier can’t provide that volume. You’re stuck,” Edwards Tweeted.

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However, Andru Edwards point is not strong enough. There is the avenue for Apple to search for other suppliers to meet its demand if it really wants to make phones with screens offering higher refresh rates.


Also, while there is the argument that most phone makers ship 120Hz refresh capabilities on LCD, there have been those making it available on OLEDs as well. Examples are OnePlus and Samsung. And these two companies also ship large volumes of devices as well.


Many also mentioned that not many users actually care about the refresh rate of their smartphone screens. While this may be true for some, there are people who do care. It is just like the wide-angle and telephoto camera sensors. A Twitter user, @dazeone81 says;


“Back then people didn’t care about wide angle and telephoto cameras on a phone but now it’s included. Just because some people don’t care about certain things, doesn’t mean it can’t enhance the user experience.”


Why has Apple refused to make 90Hz and 120Hz available on iPhones, not even on the iPhone 12? Some of the reasons we surmised are:


— Higher screen refresh rates drain batteries and iPhone batteries are not as strong as many Android devices.

— High refresh rates sometimes come with issues of lag and Apple wants to wait until they perfect the technology to give users better experience.


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