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Why "Diamonds In The Sky" Is A Must Watch Film

Why “Diamonds In The Sky” Is A Must Watch Film

Femi Adebayo’s Diamonds in the sky is a must-watch. The film directed by ace director Kunle Afolayan boasts of a captivating and deep-seated story that leaves you awed. I don’t know about you, though but I was awed.Diamonds In The Sky | Nollywood ReinventedIf you are a lady, married, unmarried, old, young, even men must see this movie. First released on August 7, 2019, the film just recently featured on Netflix, starring class acts like Femi Adebayo, Joke Silva, Toyin Abraham, Bimbo Akintola, Ali Nuhu and Omowunmi Dada.

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If a Nigerian film had ever had me glued to my seat with a relatable, intriguing, and educative storyline, it’s this beautiful film. In a modern drama setting, three different families must battle a common illness, Cancer.


Joke Silva plays the character Alahaja Aisha, who takes over the reins of her husband’s company after his death. She finds herself in a situation that makes her rethink her position and hands over to her son, Falsai played by Ali Nuhu.


Omawunmi Dada plays the character ‘Tenilola’, a role that’s very relatable to young adults in our society. Teni is the girlfriend to Kayode (Femi Adebayo) together they swim through family, societal, and medical hurdles. Surely you will find this inspiring and informative.


It’s been a while I saw the legendary Bimbo Akintola on screen. On this, she failed to disappoint me with her delivery. Bimbo plays ‘Labake’, a dutiful wife from a humble home, immensely loved by her husband. Labake finds a strange growth on her b****t. Confused and worried she and her husband seek out solutions to the strange growth.


Do you love a good storyline, with a touch of humour and romance? Then grab your shawarma and a cold cup of zobo and head on to Netflix. Diamonds in the sky while entertaining, informs its viewers about Cancer, beautifully scripted by Tunde Babalola.


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