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Why Are Tech Companies Releasing New Gadgets Amidst The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Tech firms like Apple, Sony, Nintendo and others are still releasing new gadgets even as the coronavirus continues to spread. Many may be wondering why these companies are still doing this when everyone is trying to just stay alive.


Apple recently unveiled its MacBook Air and iPad Pro and Sony also released key specifications for the PlayStation 5. Nintendo dropped its most recent game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 20th March 2020. These new releases will surely mean that people will be spending on them.


So, why are the tech companies still doing this when people should be keeping their money for essentials? Below are some other ways that they may be plying the right route:


— Releasing new devices means that the older ones will be more affordable. It is common knowledge that as soon as a company releases a new smartphone, the price of the older versions drop. Thus, people who couldn’t buy a smartphone in the past can do so now. Also, owning these devices can help you know more about coronavirus and how you can stay safe.

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— Remember that tech firms are asking many if not all of their employees to work from home. This radical change means that productivity levels may drop. Yet, the companies do not want to cut anyone’s salary. Thus, they may need to keep making sales to be able to pay their staff regularly.


— New gadgets mean people are spending money on new things. This, in turn, means that money keeps going round. It is very important to keep the economy afloat until there is a permanent solution to the Covid-19 pandemic.


— Tech firms are doing commendable things like donations to the WHO and helping people get necessary supplies amidst the social distancing caused by coronavirus. They will need money to keep doing this. Thus, they are innovating to get the needed money to help those who are less privileged.


— Another important thing to bear in mind is that many people’s lives have been altered by the virus. Thus, tech companies releasing new gadgets may be what they need to maintain a semblance of their old lives. You can see this article on how smartphones can get you through this time.


Therefore, if you can afford to get a new gadget, go ahead and make that purchase. Despite the new gadgets coming out, experts still fear that the coronavirus will cause a shortage of technology soon.


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