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WHO On The Verge Of Releasing A COVID-19 App For iOS And Android

The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with volunteers from the tech and health sectors to create a COVID-19 app that works for both Android and iOS devices, providing coronavirus tips.


This app will enable the body to dispense information as quickly as possible.


In this time of the coronavirus outbreak, information is one of the most important survival tools. The more information one has, the safer they are. While we have seen several innovations in the wake of the viral infection, a WHO app for COVID-19 is new.


Already, this health authority has a WhatsApp bot that anyone across the world can access by adding +41 79 893 18 92 to their contact list. It seems not to be enough.


This official app will give people only authoritative information from the World Health Organization. It will also be providing regular updates about the outbreaks.

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Google had created an official website for the virus outbreak. It is also providing coronavirus tips via a notification on all its pages that encourages users to “Do the Five”. Even some using Google Assistant can access the tips by tapping the pop up notification.


Apple is also very much involved in using its technology to improve tips about the coronavirus. People who use Apple devices can talk to its voice assistant, Siri, about the pandemic. In fact, those in the US are directed to contact health workers for help if they are in life-threatening situations.


Those working on the WHO app call themselves “WHO COVID App Collective”. For now, the primary focus of the initiative is to provide reliable information. Rumour has it that it may launch with the name, “WHO MyHealth.”


However, there are speculations that in the future it will support many other features. These may include a triage survey that helps individuals having symptoms reach a preliminary diagnosis. The most important improvement will be adding support for more languages. This is because it will likely come with the WHO’s six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.


WHO MyHealth may be available as early as 30th March 2020.


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