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White House Social Media Summit May Be Reason For Twitter Downtime

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America’s White House held a social media summit on Thursday, 11th July 2019. The summit held to host key tech giants and conservative media chiefs.


However, reports suggest that they conspicuously omitted some tech companies from the guest list. In fact, major social media companies were excluded from the meeting.


According to the report, Donald Trump is hosting “a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.” It added that Facebook, Google and Twitter did not make the cut. These three are the major social media companies in the United States.


Apparently, the duo was not deemed fit enough to be digital leaders fit for a presidential invite. However, the White House did not make the invite to the event public. It also did not make any comments about the event.


Social Media Summit
Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka yells at journalist Brian Karem at the White House during the social media summit. Photo Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images


Trump had in an interview with Fox News where he accused the social media platforms of fighting him. He explained that they were doing illegal and wrong things.


The American conservative party, in the past, accused Facebook, Twitter and Google of shadowban. Twitter faced criticism recently for creating a new abusive behaviour notice feature. It aims at public officials perceived to violate the social media platform’s speech policies.


America’s online news site Vox described the summit as a ‘circus’. They called it ‘ugly’ and ‘paranoid’. “It demeaned the White House. It was also entirely in step with the Trump administration and Trump’s Republican Party,” the report added.


Verge also spoke on the summit. It said, “Today, those conspiratorial thinkers gathered together to complain about how social platforms limit their reach, in a high-profile public event that was covered widely by much of the media.”


Here are some clips from the summit that made it to Twitter:




Some even attributed the downtown experienced on Twitter last night to the Summit.


Apparently, Twitter let this happen on purpose to make a statement. Users experienced the downtime all over the world. Twitter later came back with an interesting tweet, “Miss Us?” They have since not tried to give any explanations about why the downtime occurred.







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