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When Is The Right Time To Call It Quits In Your Relationship?

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All relationships come with their ups and downs. There are the days you are all loved up and there are days that you feel like moving up from the relationship.


So, what if you are in a relationship and things are not going as expected? And you have spoken with your partner and they seem not to be bothered?


It seems that you are dating yourself in the relationship, yet you keep fueling it with your emotions. Trust me a day will come when you are fed up, but the question is: when is the right time to move on?

1. When it feels like you are dating yourself

When Is The Right Time To Call It Quit In Your Relationship
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If your relationship has become one-sided then it is high time you moved on. Especially when your supposed partner is gaslighting you. Gaslighting is a manipulative attitude where a partner withdraws emotionally totally without breaking up formally. They leave the other person questioning their emotions and starts losing their confidence in the relationship.

Signs that you are being gaslighted

  • It no longer feeling like the person you used to know.
  • Being more anxious and less confident than you used to be.
  • Often wondering if you’re being too sensitive.
  • Feeling like everything you do is wrong.
  • Always thinking it’s your fault when things go wrong.
  • You apologise too frequently.


When you feel this way about any relationship, it is best to move on and never look back. A guy or girl who truly loves you and is willing to build a relationship with you would not gaslight or ghost you emotionally.

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2. When they stop being available

When Is The Right Time To Call It Quit In Your Relationship
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A relationship needs good communication to flourish. When a person you are dating no longer calls, visits, send messages or even ensure to know your whereabouts daily, it is a clear indication that they have moved on.


So what you should do is not to bring to their memory the good old days, but to move on also. The last thing you want to do is force a man or woman to be with you. Will you beg them all the days of your life?

3. When you are the one making excuses for them

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Everyone is busy, but will always make out time for the man or woman they love if he or she is their priority. When you start making excuses for your partner, then it is time you moved on.   They don’t call, visit, make no attempt to go out for the way for you, and in your mind, he or she is busy or going through a rough time. You just make these excuses trying not to read the writing on the wall, maybe for the fear that he or she is no longer in love with you.


The end of a relationship may be painful, but time heals all wounds or make them bearable. It will take time to heal especially when you invested your time, emotions and even your financial resources into a relationship.


You can have a talk with your partner if you have observed all of these signs, but if he or she does not change for the better. Love your self and move on.


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