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WhatsApp Working to Improve its Security, Urges Users to Update App

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WhatsApp says it is working to improve its security. The company urges users to update to its latest version of the app over concerns that spy agencies are watching people through a major security vulnerability.



The issue relates to a malicious video that allows hackers to access people’s chats simply by forwarding the MP4 file across WhatsApp. The messaging app owned by Facebook fixed the bug earlier this week.


However, anyone who has not downloaded the latest update remains vulnerable to the hack.

India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) also posted an advisory outlining the severity of the threat. Warning that it “could be exploited by a remote attacker” at any time.


This month, activists, journalists, and politicians in India also say that their WhatsApp accounts were affected and possibly compromised.


These are among thousands of people to receive a message warning that their digital communications may have been hacked.


The message said, “In May we stopped an attack where an advanced cyber actor exploited our video calling service to install malware on user devices”.


In addition: “There’s a possibility this phone number was impacted, and we want to make sure you know how to keep your mobile phone secure”.


WhatsApp claims that this warning is not related to the recent discovery of the malicious video file and claims that there is no evidence that this particular flaw has been exploited by hackers.

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Whatsapp Working to Improve its Security

Controversial Israeli technology firm, NSO Group created the spyware that targeted these users according to the messaging app’s spokesperson.


“WhatsApp is constantly working to improve the security of our service”, the spokesperson said to The Independent.


“We make public reports on potential issues we have fixed consistently with industry best practices. In this instance, there is no reason to believe that users were impacted.”


This is amidst antitrust investigations it’s parent company Facebook is also facing.


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