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WhatsApp Will Now Require Your Biometrics to Link To Its Web Version

WhatsApp is making linking your account to your computer’s web browser or desktop app more secure using your biometrics. The messaging app will now make you have to unlock the app with your biometrics before you can link your account if you have biometric authentication enabled on your phone.


The Facebook-owned company says the new measure is designed to make sure that no one will be able to link your account to their web browser should they gain access to your phone, allowing them to see any messages you send or receive.


If you have any iPhone device running iOS 14 or higher with either Touch ID or Face ID, and any Android devices that have biometric authentication enabled, the feature will function by default.

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Automatically, users will have to use it to link their accounts unless they disable biometric authentication for the whole device. Whatsapp users who don’t have biometric authentication set up on their phone or off can link their accounts as usual.


WhatsApp won’t have access to or collecting user or facial scans or fingerprints of users. This is because WhatsApp will only be using the same biometric data APIs for all other app users in order to access the on-device security system as an extra means of authentication before it allows users to connect their accounts to the web version.


WhatsApp says that the new biometrics update will be rolling out to compatible devices in a few weeks.



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