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WhatsApp voice call now lets you add up to 32 persons

You can now call up to 32 people on WhatsApp thanks to its latest update, which features a new UI as well.

This feature might be coming a bit too late as a perfect time for us to have had this was at the height of the pandemic when physical contact was a no-no, and virtual meetings were the order of the day. Zoom had stolen the limelight without much contention. If WhatsApp had been able to handle 32-persons voice calls at the time, it would have likely threatened Zooms’s dominance.

With that said, the Meta-owned messaging platform has been going above and beyond to distinguish itself as the tier-one chat destination. Reputation alone cannot keep users loyal; it understands this and instead gives them what they want.

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Getting 32 persons on one call is a significant improvement for the app that could only handle a 4-person group voice call a couple of years ago before it upgraded to 8.

To manage the larger number of users on a call, WhatsApp’s voice call UI now splits participants into a column of three squares, and a screen should hold a total of 15 persons at the same time. Its waveform sound indicator shows who is speaking, and a mute icon shows users that are muted.

There is no mention of any such improvement on the video call front yet.

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