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WhatsApp Now Lets You Undo ‘Delete For Me’ Mistake

WhatsApp has rolled out an undo feature that lets you correct your ‘Delete for me’ mistakes, and this is one of the updates that we didn’t realise we needed until now.

After you mistakenly hit the ‘Delete for me’ option, you have a five-second window to undo it and choose the right option, which is likely ‘Delete for everyone’.

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Remember that ‘Delete for me’ means that the message will not be visible only from your end but your contact or members of your group will continue to see the particular message. Whereas, ‘Delete for everyone’ removes the message completely.

Before now, when you mistakenly delete a message for yourself, it means that you can no longer take any action on the message. So, if you wanted to erase an error or a sensitive message, it will just remain there on the receiver’s end.

No doubt, the company realised that many users have made this mistake several times likely because of the haste they are in when trying to delete their message.

The undo feature is automatic and appears in a floating bar after you delete a message just for yourself. You may need to update your app if you have not gotten the feature yet as WhatsApp has been rolling out worldwide since December 19, 2022.

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