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WhatsApp To Continue Its Controversial Privacy Policy

WhatsApp from Facebook Inc said on Thursday that it would proceed with its controversial privacy policy, but will encourage users to read it at “their own pace” and will also display a banner with additional details.


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The messaging app told users in January that it was preparing a revised privacy policy under which Facebook and its community firms could exchange restricted user data.


It caused a global uproar sending subscribers across to Telegram and Signal applications. WhatsApp had to delay its rollout of the updated policies to May. The company had also tried clarifying the change is focused on allowing users to connect with businesses and not disrupting personal conversations.


In India, Facebook’s largest user base, its executives fielded questions from a parliamentary panel. Questions regarding the need for the updates.

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WhatsApp said in its recent blog that it will begin to remind users to check and approve changes to continue using the chat tool.


“We’ve also included more information to try and address concerns we’re hearing,” it added.


The announcement by WhatsApp comes when on Thursday, Facebook banned all news material in Australia. This move faced criticism from publishers and lawmakers, leading a senior British lawmaker to mark the decision as an effort to intimidate a democracy.



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