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WhatsApp Now Lets You Decline Group Invites

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Telegram, a major competitor for WhatsApp, recently introduced some great new features. This led WhatsApp to do some major upgrades. It is somewhat imperative that WhatsApp carries out some major changes. Users are starting to have some demands.


The app’s new privacy feature allows users to have more control over group invites. It now gives you the ability to accept or reject a group invite.


WhatsApp announced the new move on 3rd April 2019. They aim to give users more control over group chats. Before now, WhatsApp users could add contacts to a group without their consent. Now you have some control over what group you get added to.


That family or alumni group you are not interested in can no longer spring up on you.


WhatsApp Now Lets You Decline Group Invites


The Facebook-owned company said in a statement,

“WhatsApp groups continue to connect family, friends, co-workers, classmates and more. As people turn to groups for important conversations, users have asked for more control over their experience.”


To enable this new feature, go to “Settings” on the app. Then choose either of three options. You can choose “Nobody” to have control over every single invite. You can choose the “My Contacts” option to enable people in your contact automatically add you. And the final option, “Everyone”, will leave you at the default setting where anyone can add you to a group.


With the restriction activated, a user will have to privately message you to invite you to a group through a personal chat. The invitee will have three days to accept or decline the invite, after which the request will expire.


You might need to update your WhatsApp in a few days to access this feature.

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