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WhatsApp Is Bringing A Newsletter Feature


  • A newsletter feature could be coming to WhatsApp soon, according to testers at Wabetainfo who spotted it in a code for an upcoming version.
  • The feature may be housed in the WhatsApp Status tab or a new section like Communities and may show content in chronological order.
  • It is not clear how the newsletter section would work, and it may include ads due to Meta’s new money-first policy.


A newsletter feature could be coming to WhatsApp soon, according to a report from the testers at Wabetainfo. The eagle-eyed watchers spied a code that contained ‘Newsletter’ in an upcoming version of the messenger app.


While the name could be a codename for some other feature, there are other indicators that there could really be a newsletter feature on its what to the Meta-owned WhatsApp. It seems that it could be housed in the WhatsApp Status tab or an entirely new section of its own like Communities.


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WhatsApp Is Bringing A Newsletter Feature
Newsletters are an amazing way to reach more people at once. Image Source: Sendx.


It is not yet clear how a newsletter section would work on WhatsApp, although, it could mean linking it to creators you follow on Instagram or Facebook, which are also owned by the same company.


What the Wabetainfo people are saying is that it could show content in chronological order and do away with recommendations by a system algorithm, again, like WhatsApp status feature. It may also allow users to search newsletters using handles.


As already mentioned, there is no official word on this feature yet. While there is no mention of ads, it may contain them because of the new money-first policy attached to all new things that Meta has been shipping recently. Although, WhatsApp has stayed clear of the money-controlling policies that guide its sister social platforms.


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