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WhatsApp New Public Beta On Android Adds Multi-Device Capabilities


WhatsApp is fixing a major issue with its new public beta available on Android, it is finally allowing multi-device capabilities.


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Originally, creating a WhatsApp account is always tied to your phone, even if you are creating the account from the web. That means you cant use your tablet or PC as an independent device for WhatsApp.


This is changing with the latest public beta, you can operate multiple independent secondary devices, allowing you to use your phone and four more non-phone devices at once.


WhatsApp legacy architecture showing single device encryption.

Even if your phone is off, you can still use your other devices independently. To sweeten the experience, WhatsApp is allowing make a phone call on one device, while you text or browse on another.

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The Facebook-owned company is also adding end-to-end encryption for all the devices you will be using independently.


WhatsApp multi-device new feature encryption.

WhatsApp is using identity keys for each device, combining extended security codes and automatic device verification.


WhatsApp multi-device hero


This public beta is only available for a selected number of testers, the only time users will have to compare security codes is if they are registering their account as opposed to linking a new device t that account.


The King of message encryption and synchronization still remains Telegram, which lets you use its app on your devices at once and seamlessly sync messages across them all.



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