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WhatsApp Is Testing Encrypted Cloud Backups On Android Among Others

WhatsApp has been increasing its Android Updates, it’s now testing encrypted cloud on the Android platform.

The messaging application already offers end-to-end messages encryption, so third parties cannot view them.

For the most part, there’s also cloud backup encryption for your messages on WhatsApp. Which can be viewed by the federal authorities if a search warrant is involved.

WhatsApp multi-device hero

However, according to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has the technology to independently encrypt backups in the cloud.

The Site also mentioned that in the newest beta update for Android ( the technology was enabled.

There’s a catch though when you enable this feature and forget your login details or the 64-digit recovery key. Then your cloud backup will be hidden away forever.

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WhatsApp won’t be able to help you recover them, the company’s beta update for Android ( also has multi-device capabilities.


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That means you cant use your tablet or PC as an independent device for WhatsApp.


This is changing with the latest public beta. You can operate multiple independent secondary devices, allowing your phone and four other devices at once.


WhatsApp legacy architecture showing single device encryption.

Even if your phone is off, you can still use other devices independently. To sweeten the experience, WhatsApp is allowing phone calls on one device, while you text or browse on another.

The Facebook-owned company is also adding end-to-end encryption for all devices.

WhatsApp multi-device new feature encryption.


This public beta is only available for a selected number of testers.

Here’s an article on how to encrypt cloud backup on your Apple devices using Your Mac.



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