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Choose specific people to see your WhatsApp privacy status

WhatsApp rolls out new privacy measures that lets you select which people on your contact list can see your Profile Photo, Last Seen Status and About.

Before now, the options you had to set who can see these things were basically Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody. However, WhatsApp has added a new option that lets you be more specific about who can see your privacy status.

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You can select from the “My contacts except…” option and check who you don’t want to see your privacy status. About this option, WhatsApp says: “Your last seen, profile photo, about, or status will be available to your contacts from your address book, except those you exclude.” 

As already mentioned, you can set this for all settings under the “Who can see my personal info” tab.

WhatsApp features seem to be the focus at Meta since the turn of Q2 2022. The company has been rolling out several improvements with the group chat and calls getting the main attention.

One example is the ability to mute a person on a call, which is particularly useful when people forget to mute themselves. There is also the feature that lets you send messages to specific people in a group call.

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