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WhatsApp Unveil New Status Features!

WhatsApp announced a couple of status-related features on Tuesday including voice status, status reactions, private audience selector, status profile rings for new updates, and link preview on status.

Likely, the private audience selector is the most appealing as it allows you to easily choose who views a particular status you are about to choose. There are options for showing it to everyone, hiding it from some contacts or showing it to certain contacts.


In second place would be the voice status that lets you share voice messages of up to 30 seconds on your status. If you feel like entertaining your audience with a recording of your voice, this is your best option. Remember, you can choose who listens to it.


An image of a voice status on WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp claims that status reactions was the most requested feature since it launched the message reaction in 2022. It works like Instagram Story where you swipe up on a status post and chose from the eight most popular emojis as your reaction (😍,😂,😮,😥,🙏,👏,🎉, and 💯.)


Status profile rings is another way to keep you up to date with what is happening with your contacts and it will show around their contact profile picture when they share a new status. For many, they have been seeing this feature already and it will also show in chat lists, group participant lists and contact info.


Link previews will show you what to expect if you click a link shared on a contact’s status, it makes the status look cooler as well.


A link preview in status on WhatsApp.


If you have not gotten any of these features, Meta says that it will roll out completely in the coming weeks. Many users have reported seeing them.


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