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WhatsApp Adds And Disables Waveform Voice Messages On Android

WhatsApp Waveform Voice: Late last week, WhatsApp added new features for its Android users, waveform through its Beta testers platform. The voice note waveform was the most noticeable update.



Another feature added is the ability to “forward” in-app sticker packs. Stickers packs can be sent to friends and families. This feature is already available for iOS users.

WhatsApp Stickers Pack
WhatsApp Stickers Pack


The Facebook-owned company made this feature available for all Beta testers in the WhatsApp Android version. Feedback from the internal use showed that some users were not able to play or pause at certain times.

This is because of the waveform feature visibility in dark mode, scrubbing through voice notes was difficult. Earlier WhatsApp added two new playback speeds for audio files and voice notes.

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A 1X original playback speed, 1.5X and 2X speeds are now available for scrubbing through voice notes and audio files.

WhatsApp Waveform
WhatsApp Waveform Dark mode


WhatsApp’s Waveform feature replaced the already existing line graphics in voice notes but has now been temporarily removed after feedback from beta testers.

WhatsApp Beta waveform Visuals
WhatsApp Beta waveform Visuals


Aesthetically the waveform feature is more appealing, but its practicality is questionable. WhatsApp hopefully will bring back this feature after it refines and fixes it.

In a matter of weeks, the waveform will be polished and hopefully available for the general public to use via an app update.  WhatsApp remains a very popular messaging platform and will receive constant updates.



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