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What Your Body Parts Reveal About Your Inner Self

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If you want to learn more about your inner self, the answer you need might be right at the tip of your nose. Literally, your body parts can reveal more about you than a personality test can. Scientists have conducted several pieces of research over the years and discovered the truth about the human body. Your inner self can be revealed, thus helping you understand yourself better.


Each person has a distinctive DNA that makes them uniquely different from others, yet there are common features that can be generalised. Features like the shape of your face, eyes, mouth, eye colour, etc. These features convey a lot about your personality. Although, some say ‘looks can be deceiving’, but in this case, your looks are quite revealing.


Read on to find out what your body parts reveal about you.


What your body parts reveal about your inner self

1. Nose Shape



According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, “The tissues that form the shape of your nose can convey a number of things about your personality.”

  • Those with long noses are ambitious and hardworking. They are perfectionists who put work before family.
  • On the contrary, those with short noses are very sensitive and loyal. Family comes first before their professional life.
  • If you have a pointy nose, then you are financially inclined. You tend to handle money well.
  • A straight Greek nose means you are intelligent, logical and reliable.
  • For those with a button nose, you are very optimistic, caring and loving. You can also be emotional at times.
  • Having big nostrils means you like spending money rather than saving it.
  • Those with small nostrils are similar to those with short noses. You have a commitment to family and personal relationships.


2. Face Shape



A 2014 study carried out by researchers at Charles University explored what’s known as perceived intelligence. They conducted research where 160 participants were asked to guess the IQ of 80 students based on their photographs. The conclusion was;

  • People with long faces are highly intelligent.
  • Those with narrow faces are more emotional rather than intelligent.
  • Finally, those with wide faces are emotionless and highly successful in life.


3. Eye colour



In a 2007 study conducted at Sweden’s Orebro University, some scientists analysed the eyes of 428 individuals alongside their personality trait. This was done to determine whether the eyes reflect their personality trait. If you recall Shakespeare’s quote, ‘the eyes are a mirror to your soul,’ you would find that the findings do credit that saying. Here’s what the findings reveal:

  • If you have brown eyes, then you’re a natural-born leader who is highly intelligent.
  • Dark brown eyes mean you are introverted, mysterious and secretive in nature.
  • Grey eyes mean you are a well-balanced person. They also work hard to be liked by everyone.


4. Eye Shape



The shape of your eyes can reveal the hidden qualities of your character, and here’s how:

  • Wide-eyed people are more expressive and emotional. They are also very detail oriented and cautious.
  • Those with big eyes are open-minded, intelligent and friendly.
  • If you have small and wide eyes, then you’re introverted and a perfectionist.
  • Deep set eyes are for those who are mysterious, observant and intense.
  • Almond shaped eyes are for those attributed with passion and romance.


5. Lip Shape



Just like your fingertips, your lips have their own unique prints. They also affect your personality and show your emotional side and how you act in personal relationships.

  • Medium sized lips with no exaggerated features are independent in their relationships. They love affection but can’t stand drama.
  • If you have larger lips then you’re nurturing towards others. You tend to put the needs of others before yours.
  • Wide lips are those who are generous, outgoing and cater to the needs of your loved ones.
  • If you have thin lips, then you’re probably more competitive. They sometimes like to be alone even if they like to be recognised by others for their personality trait.


6. Fingertips



The American Academy of Hand Analysis reveals that “your hands have a unique structure that’s almost impossible to find in another person.” The length of your fingers shows the levels of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb. To get this right, you need to examine the length of your finger.

  • If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it means you are a risk taker with a lot of charm.
  • Then, if your index finger is longer than your ring finger, then you’re probably a natural born leader.
  • Finally, if your index and ring fingers are equal then you’re a well-balanced person who communicates well.
  • So what does your personality reveal about you? Share your answers below and let’s get in on knowing you better.

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