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Never Eat These Foods Before Bedtime!

Are you guilty of giving in to guilty pleasures? You can’t seem to control those cravings you get at night right before bedtime. Eating at that moment just seems like the best feeling ever. After all, you’re relaxed and have the time to savour the taste of your food. Well, until you begin to get bloated the very next day. Then you swear off such guilty pleasures but end up stuffing your face before bedtime soon after.

Certainly, you know all the no-no(s) in food – those things that would overwork your stomach. Your body deserves some rest, and dietitians are always keen about telling you what’s wrong for you. Greasy or fat-filled foods, like fast foods, nuts, ice-cream and cheese, are obviously unhealthy food choices, even in the day. While it’s okay to eat them in moderation, indulging in cravings at night simply won’t work.


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Also, it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t take coffee or sweets before going to bed. They would only result in keeping you even more alert. Your morning would find you grouchy and grumpy. However, there’s more to food than you realise.


Watch the video below to find out the healthy and unhealthy foods that should never be taken before bedtime. In addition, read through the reasons, take note of them and stay off them when you’re off to bed!


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