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What You Should Know About COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Software In Nigeria

As of today, there is still no official COVID-19 exposure notification application in Nigeria, but with Google and Apple’s software available in the region, one may roll out soon. Before this happens, here is all you have to know about this tech.


We reported that Google and Apple have rolled out the COVID-19 alert software by the end of May. Since the past weeks, many Nigerians have found the ‘COVID-19 exposure notifications’ settings on their smartphones. It is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.


While some falsely claimed the new software is a way to track people, both Google and Apple have dispelled this rumour. In fact, the privacy settings mean that if you don’t enable it, the feature will not work. If you want to enable it, go to Settings > Google (System settings) > COVID-19 exposure notifications > Turn on.

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However, for people in Nigeria, the software will not become active until an app that runs it is available. There are only three officially recommended apps on Google Play Store that are related to COVID-19. And these apps do not use the COVID-19 exposure notifications software from Google and Apple. Instead, they are information sources from the WHO and Nigeria’s FCT.


Other important details you should know about apps that will use the COVID-19 exposure notifications software are:


What You Should Know About COVID-19 Exposure Notifications In Nigeria
Screenshot of COVID-19 exposure notification software in Nigeria.


— A health agency or authority in a country or region must run it. Thus, while they may contract tech firms to build the app (Google and Apple even volunteered), they must ultimately be in charge of it.


— It requires smartphone users to turn on their Bluetooth and device location to work. Yet, it does not use device location.


— The software automatically deletes the random IDs that it collects and shares after 14 days.


With the software already available in Nigeria, it will likely not take long for the government to get an official app for tracing cases up and running. Thus, it is important that you know all there is about the COVID-19 exposure notifications software in Nigeria.


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