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What Women Really Want From A Man

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Finally! The answer to all your nagging questions is here, and the amazing thing is that it’s not even that complicated.

Women are in no way as complicated as men make them out to be. Men believe women are complex beings who give certain ‘hints’ about how they feel and what they want, when all they need is an insight into what women really want from a man. That way, they don’t have to try to ‘guess’ but just ‘know’.

Postulations have been made that all a woman wants is a s**y man with fame and fortune. Such stereotypes about women are one of the reasons why many relationships fail. Women just simply want to be loved, the same way a man does. This is why many mistakes are made when it comes to what “love” actually means to them. For both sexes, love could mean money or s*x — which are both obviously wrong. Love is more than that.

It’s imperative to look past the superficial and to focus on what’s really important in a relationship because, without them, s*x and money would be useless.

A woman really just wants from her man the same thing she wants from a friend, and that’s all. Nothing too complicated; just simple down-to-earth qualities. However, we shall break down all the things women really want from a man into five simple bits. As a man, don’t be daunted if you don’t have all of these qualities to give because the average man lacks one or two of these qualities anyway.

Still, you should endeavour to attain all the qualities because men actually exist who can boast of having sufficient extents of all the qualities. There is no perfect man, but there’s the right man with the right qualities. And these are what we’ve got for you.

Take a look at the top seven things a woman wants from her man, according to relationship experts:

1. Trust

Love, they say is built on trust. Therefore, any relationship would stand strong when there is trust. When a man is honest and trustworthy, he becomes more appealing and desirable to a woman. Once you break a woman’s trust, there is no going back. She is human and can’t easily forget even if she forgives. The memory plays a funny game of making you remember things you thought you had forgotten. A man is seen as dependable, truthful and genuine, and no matter what happens, he will always be someone a woman would want in her life forever.

2. Care

Everyone needs tender loving care every now and then, and most women need it more often than men. A woman wants you to ‘be there’ when she needs someone to share her burdens with. Women are tough and strong, capable of dealing with more than you know. And she will always there for you too by default. Even when no one else is there for you, her strong-willed presence will always be there, and that’s what she needs from you too.

3. Respect

Respect your woman as much as you respect your buddies. Don’t look down on her for being a woman and make snide comments to derail her; she will much likely drop you in a heartbeat. Don’t treat her like a lesser being, take her for granted or treat her poorly. In order to have a healthy, happy and successful relationship, both partners have to care about each other deeply, admire each other and treat each other with the utmost reverence and respect.

4. Understanding

If you don’t understand her, why then are you with her? A woman wants you to love her for who she is. No misunderstandings that cannot be resolved, no misconceptions and no ‘out of love’ moments, because you knew what you were getting into. She needs to feel assured that you love her.

5. Confidence

A man with an aura of self confidence is all the fragrance a woman needs to be attracted. Whatever comes after is up to you. When a man believes in himself, knows who he is and knows what he wants, it appeals to a woman. However, do not mistake confidence with an inflated ego; that would be a major turn off. A woman can sense a man with a huge ego a mile away. A woman isn’t interested in a man who loves to be the center of attention and believes the world revolves around him. Be careful to identify the difference and to aim for the former.

6. Security

Honestly, if a man has just this one trait and lacks everything else, then that relationship is set for failure. Yes! A woman wants her man to be financially secure as this would make her feel secure automatically. You don’t need to be a millionaire to make her happy; just have enough to assure her that she’d be fine. If he can’t take care of himself, how can he take care of you? She also wants to know you can keep her safe in case of any harmful threats, and not be the one she needs to be protected from.

7. Sense of humour

Oh yeah! This is a very non-negotiable trait for some. Laughter is a key component of any healthy relationship. You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to capture the attention of a woman. Just be goofy, full of life and have a good sense of humour; that would be alright. Most women don’t want an uptight man because, in retrospect, life is too short.

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