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What we Know About Apple’s ‘Project Titan’

A YouTuber’s prediction of how the new iPhone could look 

As far back as 2014, Apple had begun working on a self-driving car project called “Project Titan”. In June of 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke publicly about their work on autonomous driving software.

Apparently, Steve Jobs had considered developing an Apple car even before the iPhone launched. He had met with a car manufacturer for a project in 2010 but later decided to concentrate on the phone brand.

Now that the iPhone has now become the company’s most profitable device, Apple is once again looking to explore the possibility of a car project. The first time the public heard about the car was in 2015. A self-driving van was spotted driving around streets in Northern California and news traveled fast on how the van was leased to Apple.

News started to spread again in August 2018 that suggested Apple could potentially be exploring the idea of its own fully branded vehicles. It was also gathered that the car would launch between 2023 and 2025.

The latest update is that, Apple has now cut 200 employees mostly engineers from the autonomous car team. They instead moved them to other projects at the company. It looks like Apple has now shifted its focus to autonomous driving software instead of a whole car. Due to the rehiring of Tesla engineer Doug Field, Apple might be exploring the car option again.

Could it mean that Apple is a little distracted by its latest impending competition with Tesla, so much so that Samsung and Huawei are taking the lead with foldable 5G phones?

However, there are speculations that Apple might have a new phone out in the market soon that will compete with the rest of them. There is also rumors of a possibly leaked foldable iPhone design.

iPhone users obviously cannot wait to have something to compete about again.

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