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What To Expect As Epic Games Launches Fortnite Chapter Two Season 6!

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It’s a new Fortnite season and today, Epic Games officially launched Chapter two season 6 of the battle royale game’s second chapter, dubbed “Primal”. Primal takes place after the “Zero Crisis Finale” that concluded season 5 in a new prehistoric set up in the island.


Players are ushered in with a more than three-minute video showing a single-player adventure. You can watch the video. via Fortnite’s YouTube page, below;


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That new setting starts where the zero point explosion from season 5 took place, in the center of the island. Now, it is surrounded by a village and other new locations, replacing the alien desert from last season.


Also, animals like wolves, wild boar, chicken, and frogs now roam the island. Players too can now build makeshift weapons, like new bows, from hunted wildlife and abandoned technology.


Players who picked up the battle pass can also expect the usual variety of new character skins and other cosmetic items to unlock. This now includes characters connected to the ongoing story. They include Agent Jones,  the “Spire Assassin,” and Raz, who is described as “seeker of The Spire’s mysteries”.


There are also licensed tie-ins in Fortnite season 6. This season they come in the form of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Raven from Teen Titans, and, Brazilian and PSG soccer star Neymar (as expected).sometime in the future.



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