What Girls Really Do When They Go To The Bathroom

What Girls Really Do When They Go To The Bathroom

The question of what girls do when they go to the bathroom together has been a puzzle for men for many years. They seem to have a swell time in the restroom and take such a long time. This makes men’s curiosity to peak. Given the amount of time spent there, they could as well deliver a baby and return as if nothing happened.




Another thing that raises the question mark is the number of times they actually go in. Once is fine, but when they have to often, it becomes a matter of, “Is your bladder okay, babe?”



Finally, the one that takes the prize is why girls go to the restroom together. You would rarely find a group of guys who want to go together, but when a girl says she has to go, her friend(s) are ready to tag along.




As a fellow female, I would be revealing a deep dark secret that might boot me out of the girl’s club, so take this seriously.


There’s no science to it; it’s just simple answers for your wandering mind. Once you find out the truth, you would hit jackpot and smile whenever your date tells you she has to go to the loo.


Now, get ready to have your mind blown away with these secrets yet to be revealed.


What girls really do when they go to the bathroom

Girls never go to the bathroom alone as long as a friend is available. As someone who needs to go, a true friend would offer to go with you. Whereas, as a fellow friend, it feels good to get an invitation to follow your friend to the bathroom. It feels like an exclusive VIP invitation. After all, that’s what friends are for!


The bathroom is like a secret room where girls can be girls. They get to do all they can’t do where the guys are. This room is a place where they meet in secret or simply gossip, but there’s more!


Now, if you always go to the bathroom alone, here’s what really goes down in there.


1. Gossip



This is the most obvious thing girls do in there. Where else can you gossip about how cute or horrid a guy is? Or how awful a girls’ outfit or makeup is? The bathroom is that place you can quickly get down to talking about someone without the fear of them hearing you. A tip to enjoying this leisure moment is to check each stall first. Please do this or you just might be talking about someone in the loo doing the poo.


2. To Fart


It’s been a long night and, while girls like to pretend like they don’t fart or let out gas, they just hold it in long enough for an epic release. The bathroom is the perfect place to let out that canyon.


3. Bond



Girls are emotional balls of fire, but some like to hold all that in. Therefore, when they get in the bathroom, they like to express all that emotion. This is one of the reasons they want a friend tagging along. This is because they have someone to listen to them and to also pass the tissue when they need to clean up those tears.


4. Check their b**t



There’s nothing like when you steal a few minutes to make sure your b**t is still perky. We don’t know why this one works, but we just do it. This happens when you’re having a good time and want to make sure you’re still attractive. That b**t just has to be perky. Women tend to obsess over their appearance, so don’t fault us.


5. To escape



When you’re not having a good time, you simply want to step out of that atmosphere. What better place to do this than to hide in a bathroom stall? Having company is a plus.


6. Take selfies



If you check social media, you’ll find a lot of bathroom selfies. Guys rarely do this, but girls are the queens. They can make faces and end up with banging selfies. This is common among shy girls who don’t like taking pictures in public.


7. To change their pad/tampon



Honey, this is probably one secret you need. Girls see their periods every month, so expect them to change often or clean up stains. They go to the restroom to change their pads or tampon and may need a girl there to assist them. No, they don’t need them to actually change it, but just to have their company in case there’s a bloody disaster.


8. Primping



Girls aren’t perfect all the time but just know how to look it. They need to ensure that their makeup is still intact and possibly powder their shiny noses. Except you’re going for a swim or to the beach, expect her to go for a primp. She needs to ensure the lipstick is still perky and the foundation is still popping. Her glow has to last the night or day, so she needs to primp that glow to make it stay.


Now, here’s what men might think girls do in the bathroom. We promise, only 30% of this is true!


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