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What Exactly is New About Apple’s Maps New Design?

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Apple has redesigned its maps service giving users more accurate navigation and “comprehensive views” of roads, buildings, malls and more.


The new design has, for now, rolled out only in the United States. Apple, however, says the new design will soon spread to Europe in the coming months.


Other countries, like Canada, Australia, and Germany, will also get the new map App soon.


This version of the Apple Maps includes faster navigation, more detailed roads, real-time transit updates, lists of favorite places, and access to look around as well as street-level 3-D imagery.


Google Maps and Waze, also owned by Google, have for long had these features, however, Apple is just catching up. These features include the ability to save locations quickly under favorites and use interactive street view, which Apple dubs as “look around.”


Street-level images are currently available for places like New York City, Las Vegas, Oahu, Houston, and Los Angeles. They will eventually include many other locations as well.


Apple Maps
The new map design Photo: Apple


Apple rebuilt its Maps app from scratch by sending hundreds of planes and cars with custom and lidar sensors over four million miles of the US, according to its announcement in 2019.

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Since its Maps app launched in 2012, Apple had relied on licensed data from various navigation technology companies, including TomTom, for data where it didn’t have its own.


With this latest update, Apple confirmed that it is no longer licensing TomTom data for the US. Apple Maps now relies on its own underlying framework for domestic navigation.

Apple Maps to come with real-time transit feature

The new map app will also come with new privacy features, like, keeping some user data processed on the device, instead of connecting to the cloud. The company says that data collected by Maps is randomized and that the app does not keep its user history


Before the Super Bowl, Miami will be getting the real-time transit feature, showing locations of buses and trains alongside their arrival and departure times. Apple says it will add real-time transit to more cities in time.


“We set out to create the best and most private maps app on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today,” said Eddy Cue, senior VP of Internet Software and Services at Apple, in a press release.


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