You are currently viewing “What Are We Going To Talk About?”- BBNaija’s Tega Wants Reunion Cancelled

“What Are We Going To Talk About?”- BBNaija’s Tega Wants Reunion Cancelled

Reality TV star Tega Dominic has called for this year’s cancellation of the BBNaija reunion show.

"What Are We Going To Talk About?"- Tega Says There Is No Need For Reunion Show

According to the mother of one, there won’t be a need for a reunion show because her edition was the most peaceful.

She also explained that there won’t be anything interesting to talk about on the show.

“There’s no need for a reunion. We are too peaceful, we’re very loving people. So there’s no need for reunion. There’s no need to gather people around.

What are we even going to talk about? We don’t have any issue. Do you get?

So, there’s no need for reunion. And this year’s reunion won’t be sweet, because there’s nothing actually to talk about.

This year is Shine Ya Eye and all of us opened our eyes, looking at all of you. And we hope all of you saw a lot so that when it’s time, you people can also talk.

Not the one you saw and you think you saw. Do you understand what I’m saying? Make sure what you actually saw was accurate” she said.


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Tega has continued to be at the receiving end of heated criticism on social media due to her intimate relationship with Boma during their time on the show. The pair have since debunked claims that they had s*x.

"What Are We Going To Talk About?"- Tega Says There Is No Need For Reunion Show
Photo of Boma and Tega

In December 2021, she fired back at trolls who will not get off her case. The entrepreneur took to her Twitter page to issue a stern warning to social media bullies.

Tega Dominic also warned fans against sending her direct messages to inquire about anybody.

Tega tweeted, “It’s funny how some fans think they have so much control over their fave’s lives, causing chaos everywhere.

No fan should come to my DMs asking me sh*t about anybody again. If you are not about love and light, then don’t try it. Don’t even think you can troll me because I go give you back.” 

In October, Tega Dominic deactivated her Instagram account due to constant online bullying. In a tweet, she admitted that she was mentally exhausted.


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