You are currently viewing What Are HTTP Cookies? Tiny Files That Save Data About Your Online Presence

What Are HTTP Cookies? Tiny Files That Save Data About Your Online Presence

No, not the cookies we eat, “HTTP cookies” are tiny text files that websites save on your computer/smartphone to remember your online presence.


What Are HTTP Cookies?
What Are HTTP Cookies?


Cookies save websites, remember your saving sessions, and know preferences. So remember how you visited a website days ago, and you type in the address and it autocompletes it. Most websites store cookies on their pages, these cookies track your analytics. “HTTP cookies” or simply “cookies” can be grouped into two: Website session cookies and Login persistent cookies.


Website session cookies are saved on your computer’s temporary memory, so they are actually temporary. They remember the previous pages you previously visited.


Persistent cookies are stored for a long time on your computer’s hard drive, it may or may not expire after some time.

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So basically Persistent cookies can remember your login details, preferences for the sites you visited. For instance, shopping sites have cookies that remember your shopping cart and suggest products you might like.

HTTP Cookies routes
HTTP Cookies routes


In general, HTTP cookies track your online presence, personalize your preferences for sites and manage your sessions. While cookies can be helpful for most part of the time, they involve some risks especially third-party cookies. Third-party cookies help advertisement companies to serve you ads, reminding you of products you looked at retail online stores.


HTTP Cookie Management
HTTP Cookie Management


There are annoying cookies too, called “Zombie cookies” which would always pop up ads. They can’t be deleted when if you enabled “prevent third-party cookies ” in your browser settings. Most web browsers make it possible to delete cookies if you want, deleting them also frees up space on your computer.

Remember First-party cookies are usefully useful ones, turn ff third-party cookies at the slightest chance you have.



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