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Wedding Wednesday: Six Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Honeymoon

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Honeymoon is the time married people get to spend together after their wedding has taken place.


It gives them the time to have fun, know about each other more and build beautiful memories that they will hold dear for a long time.


While some people are of the opinion that a  honeymoon is necessary after a wedding, some see it as a waste of funds. This is because many make it expensive, especially if they have to travel out of the country.


Wedding Wednesday: Six Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Honeymoon
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Well if you can afford a honeymoon, and plan on going for one after your wedding, below are six things you should not do on your honeymoon.

1. Constantly check your phone

Honeymoon is a bonding time for you and your spouse, not a time to be online chatting with friends. Ensure to put your phones on silent at the very least.


Forget about your other devices as well, your computer, iPad, tablet, whatever it is you have. This trip is about the two of you, so forget about the outside world for a bit.

2. Take photos of absolutely everything

Please resist the urge of taking pictures at every given time.  It’s like being at the front of a concert and recording everything on your phone. If you keep taking pictures,  you will miss out on seeing and experiencing everything that is right in front of you with your own eyes.


So be present, together in each moment. You will have time to Instagram your favourite photos when you’re back home.

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3. Expect everything to be perfect

Wedding Wednesday: Six Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Honeymoon


It is your honeymoon and there is no handbook or manual to it. You’ll never truly enjoy anything if you have unrealistic expectations. Welcome, a bit of adventure! keep in mind that you are starting a beautiful journey called marriage and things will align gradually.

4. Spend all your money

You might feel the urge to splurge since it’s your one and only honeymoon, but try to be reasonable. Remember that there is life after the honeymoon.


How tight do you want your purse strings to be when you get back? Better to have one very special souvenir that represents your honeymoon than a hundred little things that will get lost over time.

5. Pick a fight

Your honeymoon is about the two of you, but even the most perfect couples have disagreements. However, try to let the small things go, pick your battle, as they say.


This way when you get home, you’ll have the best memories. You’ll also learn to have more patience with one another, so letting things slide can be useful for the rest of your lives together.

6.Think about when to get back

Towards the end of your honeymoon, you might start dwelling on returning home or think about the stack of papers waiting on your desk, but you must resist! You’ll only waste your last precious moments of relaxation and adventure by thinking like that. Love the current moment, be present.


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