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Wedding Saturdays: Factors To Consider When Choosing Aso-ebi

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A typical Nigerian wedding is not complete without the Aso-ebi.


The Aso-ebi is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some parts of Western Africa as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies.



It also has a way of helping you spot out your special guests/family at your event.



If you are considering having an Aso-ebi at your event, there are factors you should have in mind.


1. The Cost

Wedding Saturdays: Factors To Consider When Buying Asoebi
Photo: Instagram/@asoebiafrica


Cost is very important when picking an Aso-ebi. You don’t want to pick an Aso-ebi that people cannot afford. Usually, this piece of clothing is sold to friends, colleagues, family members and well-wishers.



You have to consider the earning of these people when putting a cost on the Aso-ebi. If they are high-income earners, it will not be an issue, however, if they are low-income earners, you have to get a quality fabric that is also affordable.



You don’t want  people to buy fabrics that they cannot pay for. They may collect it and owe you money even after your event.


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2. Go With The Trend

Fashion is always evolving. A fabric that is in vogue today may no longer be tomorrow. Ensure you get a quality fabric that is so attractive, people will want to buy.



Trust me if your Aso-ebi really good, they may not even consider the price. Remember it is more females patronise by Aso-ebi so if it is not trendy, they may be reluctant to purchase it.


3. Timing

Wedding Saturdays: Factors To Consider When Buying Asoebi
Photo: Instagram/@asoebiafrica

Time is of the essence when it comes to weddings. Ensure you buy your Aso-ebi on time if possible months before the wedding so your guests can buy and see the fabric before the D-day.



You don’t want to rush your guests especially as they will have to part with their resources. So sell your Aso-ebi on time, so you can get your money back.



The Aso-ebi brings a certain kind of beauty and color at any party so if you want to choose one for your wedding, make sure to choose the  very best.



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