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Wedding Saturday: Last Saturday Of 2019, And You Are Still Not Married?

It’s wedding Saturday, and today happens to be the last Saturday of the year. As expected, we did a feature on trending issues as it concerns love, dating and marriage.


2019 has been a beautiful year, and we believe you have many reasons to be grateful. You’re grateful or the new job, a new house, car, or the completion of that course.


For others who got married this year, they will be grateful to have a spouse to end the year with. But believe it or not, a few people who didn’t marry this year believe they did not fully achieve their goals for 2019.


This is because, in this part of the world, society puts one under pressure to marry.



It is believed that when you get to a certain age, you should be married with children, and not living single in a rented apartment.


This is Africa, where some parents expect their daughters to bring a husband home as soon as they clock 25, and when they don’t, you become their number one prayer point.


This pressure arises because society believes women have a “biological clock” that is ticking by the second.


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Should young people be pressured into getting married?


A lot of young people, due to societal pressure, have been forced into unhappy marriages. Yet, this same society shuns divorce and expects you to work it out with your partner even when it’s obvious the marriage is nothing to write home about.


It is better to marry late than to marry wrong. No one should be forced into this sacred union whether physically or verbally.


Love is no longer blind; it sees openly. Young adults in love should be able to court properly to know if they are compatible enough to be man and wife even if their so-called “biological clock is ticking”.


For those who didn’t marry in 2019, it’s time to celebrate your achievements regardless. Marriage will come at the right time, so be happy.


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Grace Ekigho
Grace Ekigho

Very true….society had made it look like the men are doing us a favour by marrying the women