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Wedding Saturday: Appreciating The Beauty Of Hausa Traditional Wedding

The Hausa traditional wedding is practised in the Northern part of Nigeria.


When a man sees the woman he wants to marry in Hausa land, he has to seek permission from her parents.


The family of the bride-to-be will then conduct an investigation on the background of the man. This is to know his religious , moral and family background, as well as every important detail about his upbringing.


The groom-to-be after approval by the woman’s family gets to see her. But, any form of physical contact, romance before marriage is not allowed


Once the woman accepts the marriage offer, the man sends his parents or guardians as well as elderly relatives to ask for her hand in marriage.


On their trip to the bride’s family home to seek her parent’s consent, the groom’s family take along items such as kola nuts, bags of salt, sweets, etc.


Wedding Saturday : Appreciating The Beauty Of Hausa Traditional Wedding


It is during this visit that the groom’s parents will make their intentions known. “Gaisuwais” is a kind of formal approval from the brides’ family to the grooms’. This is where the bargain for the bride’s dowry begins.

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Usually, the bride price starts from a least amount known as “Rubu Dinar” in Hausa to the highest amount the groom can afford to pay.


It is most preferred for the bride price to be as low as possible. This is because according to Islamic teachings, the lesser the amount paid as the bride’s dowry, the more blessings that will come to the marriage.


The wedding date is fixed during this visit by both families. The wedding day itself is called “Fatihah”, and it is the day of joining the two families.

Wedding Saturday : Appreciating The Beauty Of Hausa Traditional Wedding

Photo: A Million Styles


Women are to remain indoors preparing the bride for her new life as a wife. As part of Hausa tradition, it is the duty of the husband to provide a house for the couple to live in.


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