You are currently viewing Webb’s First Deep Field image revealed, shows how insignificantly small we are
Webb's First Deep Field image revealed

Webb’s First Deep Field image revealed, shows how insignificantly small we are

The first operational image of the James Webb Space Telescope, Webb’s First Deep Field, shows a galaxy cluster that is 4.6 billion light-years away.

Of course, while the details are for space enthusiasts and nerds (probably the same set of people), it still has meaning for all of us.

The galaxy cluster depicted in the image above and the one you may have seen circulating online is called the SMACS 0723. This new image stands out because it is the first coloured image of the galaxy. It was captured using the Near-Infrared Camera (NIRcam) with which the telescope is fitted.

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The image is regarded as the highest resolution image of the early universe ever taken. What you see is an image of the universe as it was 4.6 billion years ago.

Besides the quality of the image, which is the main attraction, another significance of Webb’s First Deep Field is that it reveals thousands of galaxies in a tiny sliver of the vast universe. It was the first time that scientists had beheld the faint structures in extremely distant galaxies.

United States President Joe Biden revealed the image to the public after the White House reviewed it. The first reactions to the image were an extreme sense of awe as well as interest in extraterrestrial life. “With a universe so vast, how can we be alone?,” was the question on the minds of many.

To further describe just how large the universe is, NASA administrator Bill Nelson said in the live stream:

“If you held a grain of sand on the tip of your finger at arm’s length, that is the part of the universe that you’re seeing, just one little speck of the universe.”

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