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watchOS 9 brings new running metrics and medication reminders

Apple Watch may remain relevant for quite some more years as the new watchOS 9 brings new features like running metrics and medication reminders.

The fear had been that with increased smartphone functionalities, like the Fitness app coming to iOS 16-powered iPhones, smartwatches might be a thing of the past soon. However, Apple is showing us that the devices are going to only keep getting better and better.

At the ongoing WWDC 2022, Apple announced watchOS 9 and its features include updated watch faces and fitness updates like expanded running metrics and medication reminders. The new metrics for running will include stride length, and ground contact time, and heart rate zones.

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Additionally, your Apple Watch will be able to track Cardio Recovery after Outdoor Walk, Run, and Hiking workouts. It will also note and alert you of your pace, power, heart rate, and cadence.

With a function that lets you create time goals for a specific distance, Apple says that you can now compete to beat your personal bests and time to cover your frequent routes.

Even triathletes using a smartwatch running on watchOS 9 will be able to track changing activities as the operating system can stay up to the task. There will be a special kickboard detection for swimmers and a SWOLF score to measure stroke efficiency.

Medication reminders are also part of the features that the new watch OS is bringing. It will be connected with the Health app and allow you to create a medications list and customised schedules. The feature can also let you know if you are using drugs that could interact with each other.

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